Todos Las Dias

The Todos Las Dias is the latest creation from none other than Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. As Steve puts it “TLD embodies the classic bold flavors that represent the heart of their soils peppery tobaccos and the labor of their always working hands” “It is an honest hardworking cigar intended to be smoked by men who know what it means to be a cigar smoker and never gives a damn what others think” In another quote from Saka “Todos Las Dias is my personal Spanglish translation meaning All the days”

COUNTRY:  Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Sun Grown

BINDER: Nicaraguan

LENGTH: 4.75

RING: 60

FACTORY: Joya De Nicaragua S.A.

APPEARANCE: Upon inspection the Todos Las Dias is a beautifully constructed cigar. The cigar has lots of small veins, looks like a milk chocolate candy bar in color, and feels oily and leathery in the hand. The band on the Todos Las Dias is done in a monogram form the really stands out with a second band put around the foot of the cigar.

PRELIGHT: Prior to lighting, I sniff the foot to see what aromas I might pick up. While sniffing the foot of the cigar, I pick up notes of tobacco, light spice, and leather.

CUT: I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The cigar has a smooth effortless draw. The cold draw reveals notes of tobacco, dough, and earth.

LIGHTING: I used my Xikar single flame torch lighter to toast the foot of my cigar before puffing on it to make sure it is nice and lit. The cigar lit easily.

Now let’s into smoking this cigar!!!!!

FIRST 1/3:

Right off the bat this cigar lets you know it’s no slouch. Power right from the get go hits you right in the face. The first few puffs reveal a nice burst of pepper on the retro hale. The palate is coated in cedar, chocolate and leather. As I get into the cigar the pepper on the retro hale is the predominant flavor. On the palate the chocolate is the flavor most noted. The aroma off the foot of the cigar is that of tobacco and leather. The smoke is light not biting and is not billowing of the foot of the cigar. As I get into the first 1/3 of the cigar the ash fell off after an inch or so. The ash is a dark gray in color with streaks of black. As I get near the end of the first 1/3 the pepper on the retro hale is holding strong. The chocolate has taken a step back and mixed eith the cedar and leather nicely.


As I get into the second 1/3 there is no let down in power and strength. The pepper on the retro hale remains the focal point of the cigar. The cedar has all but been faded out replaced by notes of cherry along with coffee. The leather remains in a muted note. The burn line is sharp but uneven. I am having trouble getting it to straighten out. This cigar is intense to say the least. I am thoroughly enjoying this cigar. As I near the end of the second 1/3 there is no change to report. This cigar is meeting all expectations.

FINAL 1/3:

As I start the final 1/3 there is no let down in the Todos Las Dias its strength is full throttle. The pepper on the retro hale seems to have intensified. The cherry is still present on the palate along with the coffee. The chocolate has returned to the mix and the leather is gone. The burn line is still a little wavy but not as bad after a couple of touch ups. As I near the end of the final 1/3 the flavor profile hasn’t changed. This is a straight up power house of a cigar. This cigar does not disappoint.


The Todos Las Dias is straight up power and strength from start to finish. It is so strong I needed to smoke 4 samples to make sure I picked up the flavors I thought I was getting. Plus I really, really like this cigar. Needless to say this cigar will be a regular staple in my humidor. Strength: 5/5. Flavor: 3/5 only because the strength over powers the flavors with the exception of the pepper on the retro hale. This is not a cigar for the weak of heart so if you don’t normally smoke full bodied power bombs then this is NOT the cigar for you. I also wouldn’t smoke this cigar on an empty stomach lol. Steve Saka once again shows why he is the master blender that he is.

SMOKE TIME: will vary from person to person. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and because of the strength I took my time with it and got 2 hours and 45 minutes out of it.

If this sounds like a cigar for you or you want to step up your game then give this cigar a try. Give Rocky’s a call or stop in and tell them Cookie sent you. You won’t be disappointed.

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