Tatuaje Series P Cigar Review

Tatuaje P Series Review

The Tatuaje Series P is one of Pete Johnson’s most affordable cigars in his portfolio today. It is also called the White Label Cigar due the white band used on the cigar. The cigar is comprised of both medium and long filler tobacco commonly called a Cuban Sandwich.

COUNTRY: Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habanobuy-now-icon

BINDER: Nicaraguan

FILLER: Nicaraguan medium & long fillers

SIZE:  5 x 50

FACTORY:  My Father

APPEARANCE: Upon inspection, the Series P is chocolate in color, has many veins,    is oily, and flawless in construction. The triple cap is seamlessly applied.

PRELIGHT: Prior to lighting, I sniff the foot of the cigar to see what aromas I might pick up. While sniffing the foot of the cigar, I pick up notes of tobacco, earth, and cocoa.

CUT: I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The draw is slightly tight. I am picking up straight tobacco flavor on the cold draw.

LIGHTING: I used my Xikar soft flame lighter to toast the foot of my cigar thoroughly before puffing on it to make sure it is nice and lit. The cigar lit easily.

Now let’s get into smoking this cigar!
FIRST 1/3: The first few puffs reveal leather and light spice on the palate and cinnamon on the retro hale. The burn line is razor sharp, but uneven. The ash is dark gray and holding firm. As I get into the first 1/3, there are no changes in the profile. As I near the end of the first 1/3, the only change is the cinnamon is gone on the retro hale. The burn line is still a little uneven but sharp, and the ash is still holding strong. The smoke coming from the cigar is light coming off the foot of the cigar. The smoke is creamy on the palate.

Tatuaje P Series

SECOND 1/3: The start of the second 1/3 has the cinnamon on the retro hale replaced by a burst of pepper. The light spice on the palate is gone and replaced by coffee to go along with the leather. The burn line had to be touched up twice, and the ash has fallen off after an inch plus. The smoke is very light off the foot. Again, kind of one dimensional, just like the first 1/3. As I near the end of the second 1/3, the profile has not changed.


FINAL 1/3:  The first two thirds should have been like the final third. The final third sees the pepper leave the retro hale and be replaced with sweet molasses and light spice. The flavors on the palate are still coffee and leather, with a little earthiness mixed in. The burn line has evened out, and the ash is holding steady again. The smoke off the foot is still light. As I near the end of the final third, the pepper has replaced the sweet molasses on the retro hale and has intensified. The leather and coffee have been replaced as well by the earthiness and a light spice. This third makes up for the first two thirds’ lack of dimension. This cigar went from mild to medium all in the final third.


FINAL THOUGHTS:  This is not a typical Pete Johnson cigar, unless you cut to the final third. It is mild and somewhat one dimensional in the first two thirds, but opens up in the final third to a full medium. Going off the final third, this is a Tatuaje through and through, as the final third makes this a very good cigar. Strength 2.5/5, flavor 3/5, which is mostly based on the final third. I can see this being an everyday cigar for the price-conscious cigar smoker looking for a cigar that won’t blow you away or empty your wallet. This cigar is a good cigar overall, just not great. It wouldn’t be a staple in my humidor, as it is a little on the mild side for me. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try if you are a mild-to- medium cigar smoker.


If you enjoyed this Tatuaje Series P Cigar Review, and this sounds like a cigar you would like to try, stop in to Rocky’s or give them a call. Tell them Cookie sent you!

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