Spider by K.A. Kendall

The Cigar:

K.A. Kendall’s Spider has become the fourth blend to be released under the 7-20-4 Cigars line. It’s made of a Nicaraguan Jalapa Wrapper, Honduran Binder and mixture of Honduran Jamastran, Colombian and Nicaraguan Jalapa filler.

The Story:

Kendall’s headquarters are located in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is known for resurrecting a turn-of-the century brand called 7-20-4, a clear Havana produced by Roger G. Sullivan in Manchester from 1874 until the Cuban Embargo started in 1963. Kendall registered the dead 7-20-4 trademark and debuted the modern 7-20-4 line in April 2009, with Alec Bradley producing it in Honduras at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L.

The Wrapper:

This cigar has a dark cocoa brown wrapper, very firm to the touch, has a nice silky, oily feel to it. A good bit of visible veins, tight seams and no tooth. The cigar has a nice rounded cap and overall look. Its a very attractive looking cigar with a very nice band representing it. The cigar is actually a bit musty smelling down the wrapper and at the foot. Not bad, just that of aged leather and stale bread almost.



1st Third:

Very unique start. Draw has a slight resistance body is a mid to full medium, a good bit of spice hit up front followed flavors that were not what I expected. I’m getting bitter coffee, dry powder cocoa, some pepper zing chased by flavors of sweet tarty fruit. The flavors I’m tasting raisin, dried cherries, sourdough bread and a hint of salt. There’s a little cream that continues to shine thru and really linger in the finish. Retro is a bit unique as well, I’m getting the same sourdough bread, salt roasted nuts with a beautiful zing of pepper.

2nd Third:

Second third changed very early on, flavors changed to that of aged tobacco, leather and earth, some cedar followed by cream, salted nuts, a hint of spice. Burn and construction are pretty solid, still getting a bit of resistance in the draw but overall a great smoke so far, body remains the same.



Final Third:

Spice and coffee notes have really picked up in this third! Getting a thick chocolate / cocoa coating and flavor followed by allot of earth of creamy leather. Very thick on the pallet. I did get a little bit of bitterness   ( not harsh ) but it’s there toward the nub. Finish had brought back the flavors of dried cherries and plum mixed with cedar and a hint of cinnamon.



  • This is another great release by K.A. Kendall and 7-20-4 cigars!
  • Total smoke time was just over 80 minutes. It has a smooth but consistent burn.
  • Each release so far has been night and day difference in blends, while the Dog Walker has been my favorite release yet, this is a close second.
  • This cigar paired very nicely with a Darker Lager Beer
  • Without a doubt worth the investment!

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