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So just what is a “Shuriken” Cutter?   In Japanese the name means, “sword hidden in the hand”, which really does describe this new style of  cutter and its six razor sharp blades hidden inside the cutter body

The advantage of the Shuriken is its ability to keep the cap as in tact as possible and allowing for complete cigar enjoyment.  The Shuriken design, unlike other cutting devices, causes no damage to cigar at all.

The cutter body is about 2 ½” long and little over an inch wide. The cutter itself is  large for a 70 ring gauge cigar.  The Shuriken top unscrews to reveal six hidden razor sharp blades recessed in the cutter. Cigar Tech, the inventor of this product calls the cut they have created the  technology;  “I-Draw”.  That is the smoker controls the draw of the cigar by slightly varying the pressure on the cigar as you execute the cut. There are six slits cut around the cutter cap, and  draw, you can completely customize the draw, allowing the smoker to get as much or little flow through smoke as the slits allow.



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