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Particualres by Sindicato


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As a cigar smoker you may have never heard of a fellow named Segundo Lopez…but there are many great cigars that have lasted centuries since his death that he brought to cigar smokers around the world from his island homeland of Cuba- including the classic Montecristo. He also created the “Particulares” brand and original Cuban classic dating back to the 1800s, now revived and re-released by the Sindicato group. This timely market placement will bring back the taste of Havana in a modern, and pleasing fashion that will suit today’s cigar smoker.
Starting with the old world classic art work adorning each box lid, this cigar only gets better from there. The blend is solid and it’s the kind of cigar that will please the palate and have you wanting to light up a second…and even a third!  Each is a Nicaraguan Puro and full of a nice balance of taste and body.

Size Box Quantity Length Ring
Cesenta 20 6 60
Belvederas 20 7 52
Delicioso 20 6 54
No 1 20 6.25 48


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Belvederas, Cesenta, Delicioso, No 1

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