Nat Sherman’s Timeless Collection Nicaraguan


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Nat Sherman just keeps shining brighter and brighter with age. This is an accomplishment when you consider that the boutique cigar makers of today receive a large share of the spotlight.

Consider the Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaragua as one more shining accomplishment for the iconic cigar maker whose retail roots date back to a New York City address established in the 1930s.

Nat Sherman is a timeless name in the world of cigars. Since first opening shop in 1930, Nat Sherman has not only become a destination spot for cigar enthusiasts, but also offers up a stable of blends that rivals any on the market.

The Timeless Nicaraguan is much more than the reviews of the major cigar publications and their 93 rating. Smoke one and you’ll see it’s a box pressed Nicaraguan puro, smooth, dark, and mighty.

I like cigars with balance, that delicate delivery of great tobacco taste in a subtle way without any harshness, or overpowering impact. Think espresso rich, but creamy smooth. From a maker that has stood the test of “Time”, try the Timeless Collection from Nat Sherman.

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Timeless 556, Timeless 660

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21, Box (of 21)


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