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Liga Privada Unico Serie


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Drew Estate’s creation of the Liga Privada line up has extended their reach with the Liga #9 and the T 52. However, in creating a new national brand extension many test blends fall just short at the research level. These “near-misses” are not lost or thrown away, but noted and preserved for their uniqueness, and individuality. It is from the, hundreds of different, distinctive blends that the Liga Privada Unico Serie was born. Many of the blends were passed over, and only a handful of true standouts made the cut in this limited run “Unico” lineup of cigars. That makes these a bit hard to come by. These “unique ones” still deliver on the original promise of the Liga Privada line, GREAT SMOKES,…. just some more limited than others.
Liga Privada Unico Series 20067 Velvet Rat 10 6.25 46 152.69
Liga Privada Unico Series 18585 UF-13 12 5 52 159.69
Liga Privada Unico Series 18370 Papas Fritas 50 4 40 230.39
Liga Privada Unico Series 18320 Ratzilla 10 6.25 46 139.09
Liga Privada Unico Series 18016 LP40 15 7 40 208.49
Liga Privada Unico Series 18015 Feral Flying Pig 10 5 60 159.69
Liga Privada Unico Series 17768 Dirty Rat 12 5 44 152.69




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Cigar Size

Ratzilla, UF-13 Dark, Velvet Rat, Dirty Rat, Feral Flying Pig, Liga Privada Unico Serie Papas Fritas, LP40

Cigar Quantity

10, 12, 24, 50


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