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Gispert Intenso


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Gispert like many old Cuban brands has been resurrected after years of languishing as a non-production trademark. Pre-Castro Cuba once celebrated many cigar brands including the Gispert. After the industry was seized by the powers of the revolution, production was controlled by the Castro led movement and like many old Cuban classics, the production was slowly halted until it disappeared completely.
The Gispert Intenso was born in Nicaragua and made by the accomplished cigar maker A.J. Fernandez. Previous versions of Gispert will wilt by comparison.
The taste profile is full-bodied and seeks to match the bold presentation and rich, dark wrapper. The striking band and box presentation are obvious nods to the new-bold approach. Cigar smokers, who may have enjoyed the previous versions of Gispert, will find this creation a much tastier stick due to major changes in the Intenso blend. AJ has combined a dark, Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and pairing of tasty Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobacco, all rolled by hand in AJ’s Nicaraguan factory. The first release has three frontmarks, perhaps more to follow. Boxed in 20 ct.

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Belicoso, Toro

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