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Dunhill tobaccos are known to pipe devotees around the globe for their variety, flavor, and freshness but it wasn’t always that way.
Alfred Dunhill started it all in the early 1900s in a small shop devoted to the blending of tobaccos.
A man of fastidious detail, Dunhill kept careful records of all his blends, some of the names carry on to this day.
Perhaps the most significant improvement Dunhill made to allow the world-wide recognition of his name-branded tobaccos to flourish around the globe was his packaging the products in Dunhill tins for freshness and easy shipment.
Now available in more blend choices than ever, Dunhill pipe tobacco smokers are a devoted lot, enjoying the over 100 year old tradition of Dunhill Variety, flavor, freshness and quality.Sold in 50 gram tins
Sold as Single Tins & Sleeves 5 Tins for the best savings.






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Deluxe Navy Rolls, Dunhill Aperitif, Dunhill Durbar, Dunhill Early Morning, Dunhill Elizabethan, Dunhill Flake, Dunhill London Mixture, Dunhill My Mixture 965, Dunhill Nightcap, Dunhill Royal Yacht, Dunhill Standard Mix, Dunhill Standard Mix Mellow

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1 Tin, Sleeve of 5 Tins


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