Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown


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The larger ring of each Diamond Crown (no cigar is less than 54) cigar allows for the blending of 6-7 individual tobacco leaves (an extremely complex blend of tobaccos), assuring a consistently full-flavored cigar.

One of the factors that make the taste of DIAMOND CROWN cigars so special is its exclusive Connecticut Fermented Wrapper (CFW). Unlike most other quality tobacco wrappers that are normally hung in barns, dried, and bulked for a single fermentation prior to being packed in bales and eventually rolled into cigars, DIAMOND CROWN’S CFW wrapper goes through a second fermentation. Specially fermented five-year-old wrapper leaves are unpacked from the bale and then conditioned and graded. The silkiest, smoothest leaves are then selected and placed in bulks for a second fermentation. It is this “second curing ” that evens and develops the Rosado color of the tobacco wrapper and also accounts for much of DIAMOND CROWN’S sweet, smooth, rich flavor.


Description Length Ring Wrapper Quantity
Figurado #6 6 46/54  Natural Box of 15
Robusto #1 8.5 54 Natural Box of 15
Robusto #2 7.5 54 Natural Box of 15
Robusto #3 6.5 54 Natural Box of 15
Robusto #4 5.5 54 Natural Box of 15
Robusto #5 4.5 54 Natural Box of 15
Robusto #7 6.72 52 Natural Box of 15







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Figurado #6, Robusto #1, Robusto #2, Robusto #3, Robusto #4, Robusto #5, Robusto #7, Robusto #7 Maduro

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