Acid Krush Classic

Acid Krush Classic


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By infusing essential oils, herbs, and botanicals with the finest long filler Nicaraguan Tobaccos, Drew Estate has created a kaleidoscope of tastes never before imagined in a cigar. Now the experience of smoking an ACID Cigar is captured in ACID KRUSH CLASSIC. Packaged in a collectible tin, these handcrafted petite cigars have all of the distinctive tastes that you have grown to love.

Available in the four unmistakable blends of ACID: Red and Purple Botanical as well as Blue and Gold Herbal.


Sold in Sleeves of 5/10ct Tins


Blue Connecticut

Gold Sumatra


Morado Maduro


Red Cameroon

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Gold Sumatra, Morado Maduro, Red Cameroon, Blue Connecticut

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