Largo Pipe Tobacco Review

If you learn anything from this Largo pipe tobacco review, it should be that Largo is a great choice for beginning smokers as well as value conscious smokers. But there is now another reason to choose Largo; buy-now-iconthey recently went from a 12 ounce bag to a 16 ounce bag with no increase in price. What a deal!

As if the new, larger size and same low price wasn’t enough, I still feel Largo is more than pipe tobacco. Finely cut, and excellent for rolling, Largo doubles as a great source for the roll your own smoker. No matter what your preference is, roll your own or pipe tobacco, Largo comes in several great flavors including the popular full flavor, mellow (or gold), and menthol. They also have a richer more full bodied blend called sun grown.

I find that any or all of these fine cut blends fit the bill when one is looking for, as I mentioned above, value or just a basic starter tobacco. The flavor is true to the blend and the burn is consistent depending on the tube or paper one uses.

You will happily discover that Largo comes with a consumer friendly resealable bag. The switch to 16 ounces makes Largo an easy decision no matter what your preferred blend. Choosing Largo is a homerun for the smoker today.

Largo is available in ¾ oz. pouches for a small sample of just what they have to offer, but I find the 16 oz. bag the best value.

Largo Pipe tobacco is a great first choice for someone switching away from high prices cigarettes but looking for the quality smoke of pipe tobacco. From Largo you may move onto some more interesting pipe tobacco blends, or you may just stay with Largo and be one happy smoker!


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