Flor de Oliva Bundles – Cigar Review


The Cigar:

Oliva bundles are, in my view, one of the great value cigars available today. This review is of the Oliva 6 x 50 in the Flor de Oliva natural line.

The Wrapper:

Considered a Toro in size, the wrapper is smooth. It appears to be well made and I’m looking forward to lighting it. A quick snip of the cap and I’m off as my Xikar torch lighter works on the foot and I notice I get an even, complete burn with a careful light.

The Review:

The first taste is a bit sweet, almost chocolaty, with no bitterness from the ignition. I find the chocolate notes interesting based on its Maduro wrapper appearance. Not all maduros deliver that note.  The 650 Maduro gave me generous billows of smoke with each puff, the smoke tinted grayish-blue.

It’s a beautiful day outside but I’ve decided to enjoy this cigar indoors at my local while catching up on the Senior PGA tournament in the Friday rounds. Tom Watson still has a sweet swing after all these years. One a high handicapper like me is envious of.

The first third of this cigar features a nice even burn and a solid gray ash that builds in length as I smoke through the stick.

After smoking a bit now, the body of the cigar is soft but not spongy, with no hot spots to notice. After a few minutes pause and returning to the cigar the ash was still well lit ….in my view a sign of good construction.

Flor de Oliva

The flavor of this Flor de Oliva natural is mild at best. Finishing the last third, the taste has not changed much since the outset; it’s just a good mild smoke.

The Flor de Oliva natural 6 x 50 took me about 50 minutes to smoke. It was a solid cigar through and through. I smoked it with less than 2 inches remaining and called it complete.

I enjoyed its mild flavors. In terms of construction it was solid, its appearance with a wrapper neither too many veins nor completely smooth, certainly looks like a well-made cigar and it smoked in the same fashion.

These can include surgery, oral contraceptives, or hormonal genericsaustralia.net contraception. There are two questions that I wanted to make about this post.

For bundle smokers, and guys looking for a good “yard ‘gar” this is a solid choice. For the budget conscious this is also an excellent cigar choice.

This cigar comes in several popular sizes from Robusto up to Double Corona. And the Olivas offer the Flor de Oliva lineup in several wrapper choices, Connecticut, and Corojo to name a few. There should be one for each cigar smoker’s taste.

All I can say is light one up and enjoy it for yourself. Both you and your wallet will be pleased.

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