Camacho Powerband Cigar Review


Inspired by the power, performance, and acceleration associated with a classic V-Twin engine. Camacho Powerband is an intense and powerful cigar. This is the latest edition to the Master-Built Series, fueled by Nicaraguan tobacco and the full flavor of Honduran Corojo.

There are five different origins of tobacco used to make the Powerband. There are three different Ligero tobacco used for the filler – Nicaragua, Honduras, and San Vicente from the Dominican Republic. The rest of the filler is tobacco used from the Dominican Republic – San Vicente, Viso, and Piloto Cubano. The binder is Negrito San Andres from Mexico, and finished off with a Habano 2000 wrapper from Ecuador.

The filler of the cigar is made with a new bunching technique. They combine the Dominican accordion-style, where the leaves are folded like an accordion, and the Entubado style, a Cuban technique, where the leaves are rolled into long, cylindrical tubes.

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano 2000

BINDER: Negrito San Andres

FILLER: Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic


RING: 60

APPEAREANCE: Chocolate in color, with an oily sheen, and prominent veins noticeable. The construction is flawless, and the cap is applied seamlessly.

PRE-LIGHT: Prior to lighting, I sniff the foot of the cigar to see what aromas I might pick up.  While sniffing the foot of the cigar, I pick up notes of a musty, grassy odor.

CUT: I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The cigar draws easily. The wrapper has a little salty taste, and the cold draw leaves notes of bread and tobacco.

LIGHTING: I use my Xikar soft flame lighter to toast the foot of my cigar thoroughly before puffing on it to make sure it is nice and lit.  The cigar lit easily.
Now, let’s get into smoking this cigar!


FIRST 1/3:

The first few puffs reveal notes of grass, hay, and oak on the palate. Immediately makes me think of Davidoff cigars, until I retro hale and get hit with a blast of chili pepper. This is definitely not a Davidoff cigar. There is a salty taste to the wrapper, but it’s not overbearing. There is lots of smoke coming from the foot. The ash is dark gray in color and holding firm. The burn line is sharp, but a little wavy. No touch up needed. This is a very strong cigar right out of the gate! As I near the end of the first 1/3, the flavors are still status quo, although the retro hale has settled down. Surprisingly, the ash is still holding strong after almost 3” in.




Second 1/3:

As I get into the second 1/3, there is an abrupt change in the flavor profile. The retro hale has settled down, and there are now notes of coffee and cocoa, with a muted chili pepper. A note of oak remains on the palate, but the grass and hay are replaced by a note of leather. The ash falls off after 3”, and the burn line is still a little wavy, but not enough to need a touch-up. Even with the changes to the flavor profile, this cigar still remains very strong.  There is still a lot of smoke coming from the foot of the cigar that leaves a pleasant aroma in the air.  As I near the end of the second 1/3, the strength of this cigar seems to be getting more intense.  The chili pepper on the retro hale seems to be picking back up.



Final 1/3:

As I start the final 1/3, the power ramps up again, to the point that the flavors seem muted by the power of the Ligero. The chili pepper is back on the retro hale, but the flavors on the palate are indiscernible.  At this point, this cigar is straight on full-body. The ash is holding firm, and the burn line needs a few touch-ups. As I near the end of the final 1/3, I can’t get over how strong this cigar has gotten.


Final Thoughts:

From start to finish, this was an intense cigar. It definitely lives up to its name, and the V-twin engine it was inspired by. All I can say is “Wow!” I would give this cigar a 5/5 on strength. I would like to give it a 5/5 on flavor, but I can’t because the power of this cigar mutes the flavors in the final 1/3, so I will give it a 3/5. This is not a cigar for the novice, but for the experienced cigar enthusiast.  You better like full-on strength, and have a full stomach, before smoking this cigar.

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