Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Cigar Review

Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff Cigar Review

“Caldwell Cigars: Built by Friends for Friends.” That is Caldwell’s business motto.  Another saying Caldwell believes in is “Rare Tobacco, Attention to Quality, Social Conscientious, and Flavor First.” Caldwell states that their business model is “Good Cigars, Great Friends, and a Strong Conscience.”

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We Own The Night

Country: Honduras

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Honduran Criollo

Filler: San Vincente Viso (Dominican), Honduran Criollo           “Generoso” Ligero

Length: 5”

Ring:   50

Factory: Camacho

First off, the band on this cigar is interesting, to say the least. It has a picture of a man with a bowler hat on, and his eyes seem to have been erased. The band has the saying “We own the night” on it.

Okay time to smoke this cigar.

Appearance:  This cigar looks chocolate in color, like a candy bar. The construction is flawless, there are few veins visible, and the cap is seamless. The cigar feels oily to the touch.

Prelight:  Before lighting this cigar, I sniff the foot to see what aromas I might detect. While sniffing the foot of this cigar, I pick up notes of barnyard, earth, and cocoa.

Cut: I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The cold draw is effortless. The cold draw reveals tobacco, cocoa, and cinnamon flavors.

Lighting: I used my Xikar soft flame to toast the foot of my cigar thoroughly before puffing on the cigar to make sure it is nice and lit. It lit easily.

Now let’s get into smoking this cigar!

First 1/3:

The first few puffs reveal a light spice on the palate, with light pepper on the retro hale. As I get into the cigar, I am picking up cocoa and cedar. There is still a light pepper on the retro hale, but it is joined by sweet cocoa. The aroma off the foot is that of earth and cocoa. The burn line is uneven right from the get go, and a slight touch up is needed. The ash is a light gray in appearance and is barely holding on. The smoke on the palate is smooth. The smoke from the foot of the cigar is abundant. As I get toward the end of the first 1/3, the ash is still holding on but barely, about 2” in. The retro hale has seen the pepper being taken over by the sweet cocoa. There is still a slight light spice on the palate, and the cocoa flavor is subsiding, as the cedar is getting more pronounced.


Second 1/3:

The flavors of this cigar have changed a little. The cedar is still present but is joined by anise. The light spice on the palate remains, and the retro hale is now that of sweet cocoa. The burn line is still uneven, and I have had to do multiple touch ups. The ash fell off at about the 3” mark, which was surprising as it seemed to be barely holding on. About halfway through the second 1/3, the flavors are still the same, but the retro hale has changed from sweet cocoa to that of molasses. This is a pretty good cigar at this point. I would have to say a solid medium hinging on a medium +.


Final 1/3:

The burn line is still uneven, but has gotten better. The flavor profile has shifted a little bit, as the sweetness in the retro hale has changed to cedar. The cedar and anise have been joined by a faint pepper note, and the light spice remains on the palate, but is starting to become a little stronger.

The ash at this point is holding firm. As I near the end of the final 1/3, the flavors remain the same, but pepper has joined the cedar on the retro hale. What a combination! This cigar is now a solid medium +.


Final Thoughts:

This was a solid complex cigar. It had some burn issues, but it didn’t take away from the smoking experience. This was a good cigar, not great but good. Maybe with a little age it will be a great cigar. The potential is there. The Blind Man’s Bluff gets a 3/5 on the overall strength, and a 3/5 on the overall rating. I can see this cigar finding its way into my humidor. Maybe not an everyday cigar, but a cigar I can start my day off with once in a while. Caldwell Cigars are making waves, and this is a cigar you should try for yourself.

Smoke Time: Will vary from person to person. I smoked this cigar for about 1 ½ hours. It was a pretty enjoyable cigar.

If this sounds like a cigar that you might be interested in, give Rocky’s a call or stop in and tell them Cookie sent you.

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