Brioso Cigar Review

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The Cigar:

Brioso Gigante Natural
Packaged in Bundles of 20

The Wrapper:

Brioso Wrapper

The Brioso Gigante is a 6×60. Today I’m smoking the natural rapper. Aesthetically it’s an average looking stick. I consider it a value priced cigar and don’t expect much more than a basic smoke just based on its pleasant price point.

I consider its look to be well made with the big cap and plenty of room to clip. I got a crisp clean cut with my Xikar multi tool. I create the ignition with a triple torch on the 60 ring foot, it lights beautifully.

The Review:

Brioso Cigar ReviewThe first draw is a bit woody in taste, the burn is even and I’m getting a lot of smoke as I would expect from this large ring gauge cigar.  Each draw delivers smoke that is not overly spicy or very flavorful, just mellow in taste.

After a few inches, the consistent woody taste that showed itself in the first inch carries on straight through the cigar.  The one-dimensional flavor of the Brioso Gigante continues past the halfway point. This perhaps is not a surprise considering I do consider it to be a value smoke. It is a good cigar for the money, but not necessarily a great stick in terms of flavor and complexity.

My original light lasted beautifully and has not needed any touch ups.

Just passed the midway point I got a hint of acidity but it’s quickly vacated. The steady smooth flavor from the beginning carries through to the end, which was about 75 minutes.

All in all the Brioso is a fine smoke, especially for the price. As you may tell from my review I don’t expect much from these value cigars, so the Brioso was a nice surprise.

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