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 My Father Limited Edition 2015 – 5th Anniversary


The My Father Limited Edition 2015 5th Anniversary cigar is part of the highly acclaimed Limited Edition series created by Don Pepin Garcia back in 2010. This cigar is rolled exclusively by Don Pepin Garcia himself along with his son Jaime Garcia.  Just like the previous Limited Editions, the 2015 comes in individual coffins and uses the company’s prized Pelo de Oro leaf. Just a side note – last year didn’t see a Limited Edition put out by the Garcia’s, so the 2015 is actually the 4th installment of the series. 

COUNTRY:  Nicaragua

WRAPPER:  Ecuador Habano Rosado Oscuro

BINDER:       Nicaragua Corojo 2006 & Nicaragua Habano

FILLER:        Nicaragua

RING:        52


APPEARANCE:   This cigar is rolled flawlessly. There are no visible seams, very few veins, and the cap is placed perfectly. The cigar is firm to the touch with no soft spots noted. It is oily to the touch, and the wrapper has an appearance of a light chocolate candy bar.

PRELIGHT:  Prior to lighting, I sniff the foot to see what aromas I might pick up. There is a slight sweetness, along with coffee, earth, and cedar coming from the foot.

CUT:  I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The draw on the Limited Edition is excellent.  The cold draw reveals caramel and mocha.

LIGHTING:   I use my Xikar soft flame lighter to toast the foot of my cigar thoroughly before puffing on it to make sure it is nice and lit. The cigar lit easily.

Now let’s get into smoking this cigar!!!!!

FIRST 1/3:  The first few puffs reveal what almost all Pepin cigars have in common, the Pepin spice on the retro hale and tingling on the palate. As I get into the cigar, cedar is the dominate flavor, along with a bit of pepper and leather. The aroma off the foot of the cigar is that of cedar and earth. The burn line is a little wavy but not terrible. The smoke off the foot of the cigar is light, and the smoke on the palate is thin and sharp feeling. The ash is a dark gray and holding firm. The flavors are well balanced thus far. As I get into the final first 1/3, the spice has died down a little, and there is a little creaminess to the profile, as well as a floral note. The ash is still holding strong.


SECOND 1/3:  As I start the second 1/3, the spicy tingle to the palate is still present. Cedar and coffee are the prominent flavors, and the floral note is still present. The retro hale has a light spice mixed with a creamy texture. The ash is still holding on but looks like it wants to fall off. Had to touch up the burn line a little, nothing major, but it was starting to get a little out of control. As I get into the final second 1/3, there is a resurgence of the pepper on the retro hale, which is surprising as the floral note seems to be taking over the coffee and becoming the predominant flavor along with the cedar. The ash has finally fallen off around the 3” mark.


FINAL 1/3:  As I get into the final 1/3, the cedar and floral notes are still predominant but the pepper is coming on strong, as the cigar seems to be amping up in strength. The ash is holding firm, and the burn line is now razor sharp. No touch ups needed. The spice on the retro hale has my nostrils stinging a bit. As I get into the final 1/3, there is a new twist on the flavor profile. It was so subtle, I almost didn’t notice. Cinnamon has now joined the flavor profile, and the coffee has returned to go along with the cedar and floral notes. The flavors seem to marry so well, and the transition from medium to full is so smooth. What a fantastic cigar!


As I have stated earlier in my review, this is the 4th installment in the Limited Edition Series, as there wasn’t a Limited Edition released in 2014. In my opinion, this might be the best Limited Edition yet in the series. It starts out medium + and finishes full-on-full strength and body, but somehow manages to stay smooth. This being Limited means it won’t be around long. This is one amazing cigar that is a MUST TRY – MUST HAVE cigar. This cigar has found its way into my humidor, and if it was a regular production cigar, it would be an everyday cigar for me. The My Father Limited Edition 5th Anniversary gets a 4.5/5 on the overall strength and a 5/5 on the overall rating.

SMOKE TIME:  Smoke time will vary from person to person. I really enjoyed this cigar so much I didn’t want it to end. I got all of 3 hours out of it before I had to let it go.



Oliva Connecticut Reserve Review



In 2007, Oliva held a meeting with his staff to gauge interest in creating a mild cigar. After hearing reports from staff that cigar smokers at events wanted full bodied cigars, Oliva shelved the idea of a mild cigar, and the Serie V was created. Once the demand was met for the full bodied cigar, Oliva again held a meeting to see if there had been any change in the perception of the cigar smoker, and this time staff reported that cigar smokers were looking for a milder cigar at events. Thus the Oliva Connecticut Reserve was created. This was in 2009. The Connecticut Reserve is available in five sizes:

buy-now-iconLonsdale: 6.5 x 44

Robusto: 5 x 50

Toro: 6 x 50

Torpedo: 6.5 X 52

Churchill: 7 x 50

Today I am smoking the torpedo for this Oliva Connecticut Reserve review.

COUNTRY: Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut

BINDER: Nicaragua

FILLER: Nicaragua


RING: 52


APPEARANCE: Upon inspection, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is constructed beautifully. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is a light to medium brown with visible veins. The wrapper doesn’t have an oily appearance and feels velvety to the touch. What I am noticing about this wrapper is the lack of flaws that a lot of Connecticut wrappers are prone to, such as discoloration or green spots. This wrapper is flawless.

PRELIGHT: Prior to lighting, I sniff the foot of the cigar to see what aromas I might pick up. While sniffing the foot of the cigar, I pick up very light tobacco and earth notes.

CUT: I cut my cigar with my Xikar guillotine cutter and check the draw. The draw is a little tight but not enough to hinder the experience. The cold draw reveals subtle cream and raisin flavors.

LIGHTING: I used my Xikar soft flame lighter to toast the foot of my cigar thoroughly before puffing on it to make sure it is nice and lit. With Connecticut wrappers, you have to be careful when lighting them, as the wrapper is fragile, and they tend to burn beyond the burn line which can cause the flavor of the wrapper to be bitter. The cigar lit easily, and I was able to not burn past the foot.

Now lets get into smoking this cigar!!!


The first few puffs are surprising in that there is a kick of pepper on the retro hale that was not expected, being this is a mild cigar. The palate is coated by chocolate and coffee notes. The burn line started off razor sharp, but has begun to waver a bit. No touch up is needed at this time. The ash is holding steady, doesn’t fall off until almost 3”, and is a medium gray in color, almost metallic looking. There is little smoke coming from the foot. The smoke on the palate is smooth and silky. The aroma given off by this cigar is that of chocolate and nuts. I am about through the first 1/3 and the spice is all but gone. A cedar note takes over on the retro hale, the cigar is a mild to medium at this point, and the flavors have stayed the same, with the chocolate, cedar and nutty notes.



The second 1/3 starts out much like the first 1/3 ended, but soon evolves into a milder smoke. The flavors are now of cream, nuts, and a hint of spice coating the palate. The burn line is holding, albeit not perfectly straight, but no touch up is needed. The smoke is more plentiful and is still smooth and silky. Half way through the second 1/3, the cedar is back and the spice is gone. The cream and nut notes are still present. The ash is still holding strong and hasn’t become flaky, again lasting over 2” before falling off. The cigar is milder at this point.



As I get into the final 1/3, I have to do a slight touch up. Nothing major and it doesn’t affect the smoking of the cigar. The final 1/3 starts off with a slight harshness of toasted almonds being the predominate flavor, along with cream and wood notes. The ash is still holding strong, and the smoke is still smooth and silky. Half way through the final 1/3, the toasted almond flavor is coating the back of the palate, and the cream and wood notes come through predominately. As I get to the end of this cigar, the flavors all but dissipate, leaving a mild tobacco flavor as the only flavor detected. This cigar finishes very mild.


FINAL THOUGHTS: A good mild cigar to have with morning coffee. The cigar is mild in both flavor and body, with flavor notes that complement each other well. The Connecticut Reserve gets a 2/5 on overall strength score and a 2/5 on the overall rating. As a fan of a more full bodied cigar, this cigar would not find its way into my humidor or every day lineup, but if you are a fan of mild cigars then this cigar is for you.


SMOKE TIME: Will vary from person to person. This cigar took me 1 hour 30 minutes to smoke.

Flor de Oliva Bundles – Cigar Review


The Cigar:

Oliva bundles are, in my view, one of the great value cigars available today. This review is of the Oliva 6 x 50 in the Flor de Oliva natural line.

The Wrapper:

Considered a Toro in size, the wrapper is smooth. It appears to be well made and I’m looking forward to lighting it. A quick snip of the cap and I’m off as my Xikar torch lighter works on the foot and I notice I get an even, complete burn with a careful light.

The Review:

The first taste is a bit sweet, almost chocolaty, with no bitterness from the ignition. I find the chocolate notes interesting based on its Maduro wrapper appearance. Not all maduros deliver that note.  The 650 Maduro gave me generous billows of smoke with each puff, the smoke tinted grayish-blue.

It’s a beautiful day outside but I’ve decided to enjoy this cigar indoors at my local while catching up on the Senior PGA tournament in the Friday rounds. Tom Watson still has a sweet swing after all these years. One a high handicapper like me is envious of.

The first third of this cigar features a nice even burn and a solid gray ash that builds in length as I smoke through the stick.

After smoking a bit now, the body of the cigar is soft but not spongy, with no hot spots to notice. After a few minutes pause and returning to the cigar the ash was still well lit ….in my view a sign of good construction.

Flor de Oliva

The flavor of this Flor de Oliva natural is mild at best. Finishing the last third, the taste has not changed much since the outset; it’s just a good mild smoke.

The Flor de Oliva natural 6 x 50 took me about 50 minutes to smoke. It was a solid cigar through and through. I smoked it with less than 2 inches remaining and called it complete.

I enjoyed its mild flavors. In terms of construction it was solid, its appearance with a wrapper neither too many veins nor completely smooth, certainly looks like a well-made cigar and it smoked in the same fashion.

These can include surgery, oral contraceptives, or hormonal contraception. There are two questions that I wanted to make about this post.

For bundle smokers, and guys looking for a good “yard ‘gar” this is a solid choice. For the budget conscious this is also an excellent cigar choice.

This cigar comes in several popular sizes from Robusto up to Double Corona. And the Olivas offer the Flor de Oliva lineup in several wrapper choices, Connecticut, and Corojo to name a few. There should be one for each cigar smoker’s taste.

All I can say is light one up and enjoy it for yourself. Both you and your wallet will be pleased.

Spider by K.A. Kendall

The Cigar:

K.A. Kendall’s Spider has become the fourth blend to be released under the 7-20-4 Cigars line. It’s made of a Nicaraguan Jalapa Wrapper, Honduran Binder and mixture of Honduran Jamastran, Colombian and Nicaraguan Jalapa filler.

The Story:

Kendall’s headquarters are located in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is known for resurrecting a turn-of-the century brand called 7-20-4, a clear Havana produced by Roger G. Sullivan in Manchester from 1874 until the Cuban Embargo started in 1963. Kendall registered the dead 7-20-4 trademark and debuted the modern 7-20-4 line in April 2009, with Alec Bradley producing it in Honduras at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L.

The Wrapper:

This cigar has a dark cocoa brown wrapper, very firm to the touch, has a nice silky, oily feel to it. A good bit of visible veins, tight seams and no tooth. The cigar has a nice rounded cap and overall look. Its a very attractive looking cigar with a very nice band representing it. The cigar is actually a bit musty smelling down the wrapper and at the foot. Not bad, just that of aged leather and stale bread almost.



1st Third:

Very unique start. Draw has a slight resistance body is a mid to full medium, a good bit of spice hit up front followed flavors that were not what I expected. I’m getting bitter coffee, dry powder cocoa, some pepper zing chased by flavors of sweet tarty fruit. The flavors I’m tasting raisin, dried cherries, sourdough bread and a hint of salt. There’s a little cream that continues to shine thru and really linger in the finish. Retro is a bit unique as well, I’m getting the same sourdough bread, salt roasted nuts with a beautiful zing of pepper.

2nd Third:

Second third changed very early on, flavors changed to that of aged tobacco, leather and earth, some cedar followed by cream, salted nuts, a hint of spice. Burn and construction are pretty solid, still getting a bit of resistance in the draw but overall a great smoke so far, body remains the same.



Final Third:

Spice and coffee notes have really picked up in this third! Getting a thick chocolate / cocoa coating and flavor followed by allot of earth of creamy leather. Very thick on the pallet. I did get a little bit of bitterness   ( not harsh ) but it’s there toward the nub. Finish had brought back the flavors of dried cherries and plum mixed with cedar and a hint of cinnamon.



  • This is another great release by K.A. Kendall and 7-20-4 cigars!
  • Total smoke time was just over 80 minutes. It has a smooth but consistent burn.
  • Each release so far has been night and day difference in blends, while the Dog Walker has been my favorite release yet, this is a close second.
  • This cigar paired very nicely with a Darker Lager Beer
  • Without a doubt worth the investment!

Sindicato Cigars presents Casa Bella



Being Introduced at the 2013 IPCPR, Sindicato Cigars is a new type of company, an evolution within the cigar industry. Their goal is to create a cigar company whose mission is to put the tobacco retailer and its customers first. Tobacconists can trust Sindicato Cigars to create superior brands that they can whole-heartedly support. Consumers can trust that Sindicato Cigars will create superior blends catering to their needs. How can they make this Statement? Sindicato Cigars is led by a Board of Members who are amongst the top minds in the cigar industry. With multiple decades of experience, our Board is completely understanding of both the needs of retailers and the desires of consumers across America. They promise to continually work to make the blends consumers are craving while maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. I guess time will tell

The Cigar:
100% handmade in the Dominican Republic, Casa Bella is a blend of hand selected tobaccos from both the  Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The cigar is highlighted by a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and is considered to be a mild to medium body cigar.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticutcasa-bella-sticks2
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Churchill – 7 x 52
Toro – 6 x 54
Gran Toro – 6 x 60
Corona – 5 1/2 x 44
Robusto – 5 x 52

The Wrapper:
This is a pretty basic looking cigar, nothing special but not unattractive by any means. It has a very light shaded wrapper with a good bit of tooth. The cigar has allot of soft spots and overall is kinda spongy. All in all, the wrapper is very smooth, not many visible veins or seams, decent cap work and has a pleasant smell of toast and hay.


1st Third:

Cigar starts off a little bland. Hardly any strength to this cigar at all in body but surprisingly has really good construction! Burn and draw and really good. Even in the retro, this cigar produces mild flavors of hay, cedar, toasted nuts and a hint of salt on the finish. Ash is very flaky so it does not hold long. Nothing special but for a $2 cigar, not bad.

52nd Third:

In this third, getting a little more flavor, getting a hint of cream, some leather, a bit of toast and butter but not allot. Retro leaves a bit of a unique flavor in your mouth and in the finish. The best I can describe it is bland, almost stale tobacco flavors. The good news is its not a long finish so it comes and goes pretty quickly. Construction remains good, no issues with draw or burn.

3Final Third:

No real change in the cigar. Flavors remained consistent, body never climbed above a fair mild while producing a decent amount of smoke ( which was kinda light in body as well ) but enough to enjoy the experience. The Cigar never got hot, bitter or harsh, I smoked it to the nub with no issues.

* With no real big surprise, this is a one dimensional cigar. No transitions, no real spice or pepper, no complexity, strength or body.

9–5. 9) con beber de 3 a 7 tazas por día hasta 6 tazas por día.

* Now, while being one dimensional, this was not a bad cigar but I never got these incredible flavors gram crackers, honey, tea leaf, fresh baked bread, smooth pepper, cocoa and toffee with a hint of salted almonds or any of the other things I’ve read lol ( sorry to disappoint ).* Being honest, I am a quality over qty smoker, I enjoy a complex cigar but there are many who cant, wont and don’t smoke HIGH END, PREMIUM CIGARS. So, if that’s you, then this is a great $2 cigar! Also, if you have buddies over for a card game, party etc and you want to have cigars for them to puff but you know they don’t appreciate a true SUPERIOR cigar, then this is a great cigar as well! A bundle of these can always be used, especially for special occasions etc so while this cigar is not one I would smoke regularly, I can say it serves a purpose and I can say that those who are just starting out with smoking cigars can use this as a great introduction.

L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER13


TatuajePJ-216x300According to Pete Johnson L’Atelier, which is French for “The Workshop,” became a new stand alone start up company from the makers and creator of Tatuaje that is based out of Miami, FL. Day to day operations are run by K.C. Johnson (Pete’s brother) and close friends Dan Welsh and Sean “Casper” Johnson. Everything about L’Atelier will be promoted as “produced by the makers and creator of Tatuaje” to show the close connectivity and oversight that Pete will maintain in the company. The lines of L’Atelier are produced by the Garcia family just as Pete’s other lines have been, as this is a close friendship that Pete enjoys and will continue for all his projects. Many may recognize the Surrogate line as a private line that was made and sold by New Havana Cigars. Dan Welsh who is one of the principals in L’Atelier Imports will be licensing his line to the company and continuing with the Surrogates program under L’Atelier Imports.  Surrogates, for those who don’t know is a concept line that is dedicated to creating “a limited cigar for the everyday enjoyment.” Pete loves the idea of the everyday limited edition cigar and is excited to continue this program. L’Atelier Imports is in its second year as a company and they have already released their sixth line. You might be able to say 10th if you count all the smokes in the Surrogates brand as their own smokes.

205Extension de la Racine can be translated as extension of the root.The ER13 utilizes a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo wrapper and has a double binder that utilizes the famed sancti spiritus that was used as the wrapper in the core L’Atelier line. The filler is all Nicaraguan and uses some sancti spiritus tobacco as well . * This is truly one of the most unique and exquisite Sun Grown wrapped cigars I’ve ever smoked or seen!

The Wrapper:
200A unique yet beautiful wrapper. A light brown with red hue to it, very smooth, several visible veins and seams and just a bit of tooth. Each of the L’Atelier cigars has a different band, this one really accenting the wrapper underneath it. It’s without a doubt a cigar that will catch your eye! The wrapper smells of hay, barnyard, a touch of baked bread and cedar. There is a semi sweetness at the foot, can’t really pickup with it is but its there none the less.

First Third:
201First draw, this thing is as smooth as butter! Draw and burn are flawless, medium body, flavors of tea leaf, a hint of floral, leather, hay, aged tobacco, a slight sweetness and just a slight layer of sweet spice. This is very different from all the previous releases as its much more tamed ( at least starting off ). Retro produces an amazingly smooth hit of baking spices, a hint of pepper, some cream, a hint of toffee and a very dry long finish with flavors of nutmeg and ginger.

Second Third:
202There’s a quick and noticeable jump into this third, the body builds quickly, flavors really transition from sweet and subtle to rich coffee, cedar, cream, hints of toffee followed again by a beautiful finish with flavors of nutmeg and ginger. Spice has picked up, but its still very different from previous releases. Its a unique sweet spice and pepper that tingles vs burns. I’m to the point where I’m forcing every draw thru retro just because this cigar is honestly that smooth and to really get all the flavors you have to!

Final Third:
203I think the body of this cigar has shown its cap at a nice medium. Construction has remained flawless, perfect burn and draw! Much like all previous releases, there is no similarity to this cigar in comparison to its brothers and sisters less alone any other cigar on the market! ONE OF A KIND! I think that’s what I enjoy the most about this label, while affordable, each are complex enough to make it a memorable smoking experience and there’s nothing else like it. Cigar finished in a perfect balance of body, flavor, strength and complexity! Smooth, no bitterness or bite, burned cool to the nub……

204Burn Time 63 minutes. Flawless construction! * Only downfall is my ash would not hold longer than 3/4 of an inch without falling.
Without a doubt, a great cigar and I hope they keep this in regular or at least seasonal production.
Box worthy, well I bought a box so what does that tell you?
This cigar is going to age beyond belief! Its great now but I cant wait to revisit in a year from now.

Room101 Master Collection One Sucio

room-101-master-collection-one-mutanteRoom101 Master Collection One consists of a Mexican San Andrés Ligero Rosado wrapper, Honduran Corojo Corte #3 binder and filler blend of Honduran Corojo, Nicaraguan Habano Ligero and Mexican San Andrés Ligero. The cigars are being produced at Agroindustrias Laepe, S.A. in Honduras.


■Room101 Master Collection One Monstro (5 x 60) Room101-Master-Collection-Cigars

■Room101 Master Collection One Sucio (7 x 48)

■Room101 Master Collection One Mutante (7 x 38)

■Room101 Master Collection One Roxxo (4 x 48)

■Room101 Master Collection One Papi Chulo (4 x 42)


The Wrapper:

R101Very beautiful wrapper. Dark Chocolate brown with a slight hint of red, pretty smooth with a few rough feeling areas, a few visible veins and seams but pretty smooth and clean all in all. A bit sloppy on the cap but no biggie, it’s getting cut anyways. Smells great! Raisin, cedar, molasses and a touch of hay and leather mix. This cigar is very stiff, has a bit of a crunch to it when applying pressure, not to be confused by being dry just very firm.

First Third:

R103Cut and light, the flame takes right to it! Perfect draw, great smoke output and some very unique flavors, especially when comparing to other previous room 101 releases. Getting a very unique, thick cocoa, touches of syrup, a familiar floral note and roasted cedar coated in insane thick chewy smoke. Not only in standard draw but in retro! Burn is amazing. Flavors are so inconsistent I can’t pin point any specific flavors cause as soon as one sets on my pallet a new begins. The finish is long and strong! Flavors are a bit sweet, thick like a teaspoon of molasses, a bit of salt, some strong almost musty aged leather, a bit of cream and that same thick cocoa, bitter full body roasted coffee. Retro has beautiful spice, very smooth, lots of citrus now, black pepper masked in dried cherries, lemon, orange with a salted buttery finish Ash is beautiful, white with spirals of black ash hidden under. A great first!

Second Third:

R104The second has started to bring a whole new feel and flavor profile to the cigar. The base flavor is plumb, has hints of dried raisins and allot of tart. This third is sweet and a bit salty, flavor is more amped and noticeable with just a really thick oily base to its core! Retro is about the same as first, which is great. Burn and draw are flawless. Ash dropped about two inches in with a clean break. So far this cigar has flawless construction. There is a similar taste profile to this cigar that matches that of the new Camacho lines. It’s a solid med to low full body! I keep getting this quick bitter almost sour bite followed by a strong earthy flavor of leather, cedar, nuts and butter / cream. Retro continues to pack a quick burst of pepper and spice followed by this awesome cream and dark roasted coffee flavor with a long buttery finish. Smoke output again just is amazing, its so thick and full it’s chewy! Ash is struggling to hold long now.

Final Third:

R105The final third has seemed to actually really tame down allot! The flavor profile of prunes stays true, a unique flavor of coke (soda) starts to develop there between the cocoa, coffee, syrup and roasted cedar flavors coming back around. I’m getting spice finally in the draw, I’ve read allot of other reviews where they tasted it in the first third etc but in this vitola, both samples produced the same results. Retro is actually opposite, its a bit bitter, almost harsh then fades quick to flavors of vanilla and creamy citrus ( lemon peel, orange and floral zest ). The final third by far was a bit disappointing overall in flavor. It wasnt bad, just not as good as the rest of the cigar!


R106Box Worthy – If your a Room 101 or Booth fan maybe! I’m sure these will age nicely and its a great smoke, but allot higher price from what im use to for his lines. Now I will say its def a cigar that’s worth trying a full vitola line sampler of just to taste the difference in each size. Its very unique to taste it first hand. Total Burn Time : 102 minuets


LGC – Trunk Show Liga YG-23 (7 x 60)

The Story:

Created by Team La Gloria’s Yuri Guillen, the YG-23 is a 7 inch by 60 ring cigar that comes dressed with a swatch of homogenized tobacco leaf (HTL) as its band. Because the La Gloria logo is stamped on the HTL with a non-toxic vegetable dye, the smoker can safely puff his cigar down to the nub without ever having to remove the band. Only 500 rustic boxes of the Liga YG-23 were made.

What makes the cigars more unique than the small-batch tobaccos is what is being marketed as the premium cigar industry’s first smokeable band. On the Liga LR-1, the band is produced using a patent-pending die cut process that allows the consumer to smoke right through it. On the Liga YG-23, the cigar is stamped with a patent-pending vegetable dye.

Both cigars are being produced as a singular run of 500 boxes
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Factory: El Credito
  • Wrapper: Habano Connecticut Fino
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua

The Review:
So I’m going to be 100% honest leading into this review, I am not a big fan of LGC let alone the size of the cigar in review. There is nothing wrong with LGC, I’ve just never found one that had the flavor or body I desired in a cigar. I’m going to have an open mind while conducting this review but I don’t have high hopes that this thing is going to blow my socks off!

The wrapper is a light, almond brown color. The band is what makes this cigar unique as it’s designed to be smoked so on top of the band are two additional sheets of wrapper. The cigar itself is kinda spongy ( which can be good seeing the size of the cigar and the often issue of big cigars being plugged) not smooth by any means, very veiny, a lot of visible seams, toothy, sloppy cap work and lumpy in several places. This sounds really bad reading as I look over it but reading it and looking at the cigar, it matches what I’m looking at. I wouldn’t even call it rustic, it’s more handmade. It’s what you would expect to see a young ( inexperienced roller ) produce.
Now, looks aside this thing is giving off some fantastic aromas and that’s something I rarely ever say about a cigar. It smells very sweet, of sugar cane, honey, tea, fresh dough, caramel and almost a vanilla pipe tobacco fragrance. You don’t even have to place your nose to the cigar to smell it. For a non infused cigar, this is quite impressive.

First Third:
The cigar takes to the flame with a little bit of resistance. Once lit, the draw is a bit firm but not bad, getting a good bit of smoke output, the wrapper is leaving a really nice zing of spice on my lips. Flavors in the draw are a bit muted, I’m getting something sweet, a bit tarty and lots of oil but nothing really as far as specifics. In the retro I’m getting a burst of baking spice which fades quick into honey, vanilla, tea leaf, toffee and cream. Had a really long buttery finish. The smoke aroma is unbelievable! I love the smell of pipe tobacco but I can’t smoke flavored tobacco less alone infused cigars but this thing smells just like vanilla and honey pipe tobacco burning. Burn is a bit uneven, body is mild to medium at best and despite the size, it actually feels ok in the hand and mouth to smoke. Draw has opened up about an inch in and smoke output is crazy! This thing is smoking like crazy. While I will admit that the flavor profile to this blend is intriguing vs the other LGC blends, it still lacks depth and body which is consistent for me in previous LGC blends so while this is a good cigar, still not one I can say is in my wheelhouse according to this first third.


Second Third:
The flavors in this third are starting to become a bit more bold. Getting some great gram cracker flavors, buttered toffee, thick honey, a bit of citrus ( very faint ) roasted marshmallow and heavy creamed coffee. Smoke is a bit light in weight but there’s plenty of it! Body is still mild to medium at best. Draw is perfect but burn continues to be horizontal. Retro produces some really nice smooth baking spice flavors, easy to push through the nose, gram cracker, vanilla and rich salted butter. Finish remains long and oily coating your entire throat. The ash is very impressive, holds on and breaks off in nice thick chunks. Still not allot of body to this cigar but for where it lacks in body, it makes up in flavor. Anyone that typically smokes or enjoys more mild cigars or any of the Drew Estate Acid, Java or Tabak lines would love this cigar as a gateway into non infused cigars! Approaching the end of the second third, burn is starting to self correct and body is actually building.  The smoke aroma again to me is the highlight! I love the way this cigar smells.


Final Third:
Right at the band point now, body has built some, getting some nice spice in both draw and retro. No real pepper but enjoyable all the same. Flavors continue to be pretty consistent with the second third. No real change, which is producing great sweet flavors but not allot of transition. I wouldn’t say this is a one dimensional cigar, but it’s consistent with other LGC lines, flavor over strength. About halfway thru smoking the cigar band and there’s not much flavor difference, just a minor bit of bitterness. What’s unique is where the band burns the ash is white. The only other cigar to do this was Pete Johnson’s Monster THE FACE ( which is my favorite monster release ever ) but Pete actually used a second wrapper type on top of the initial wrapper vs the concept used on this cigar. Continuing to burn through the band, the harshness flavor continues but it’s more of a bitter acidic coffee.
* a flaw to this band concept is as it burns, the white ash falls as it’s burning so don’t hold it over you. Approaching the nub the bitterness continues into hardness so I think it’s time to lay this cigar down.


Total burn time was 87 minutes, which I thought would actually take longer.
This was by far the best LGC cigar I’ve smoked yet outside the Cuban Blends.
While this cigar is still far from my desired wheelhouse, I received 4 samples and I’ve actually smoked all four already. Its a good cigar. I tried it with several different drink pairings and coffee came back as still being my favorite. I have no clue how a cigar like this would age but its good right out of the box as it is. I will say each of the 4 were slightly different from each other. The more of them I smoked, the more I liked the cigar itself.
Box Worthy? Yes…. If this cigar meets what you want in a cigar. For me, its a nice treat to pick up at a local and enjoy from time to time. I know it would be very hard to do, but this cigar would be more ideal if it were in a Corona Gourda Vitola.



Alec Bradley Mundial

For nearly five years, Alec Bradley owner Alan Rubin has had a cigar brand on his mind called Mundial. The word, which means “global” in several languages other than English and is common to fans of World Cup soccer, was to evoke a special smoke Rubin hoped would take his company to the next level. But every time he thought he was close, something interfered, putting the Mundial project on the back burner. But now he and his team are finally ready to bring it to the public. The Alec Bradley Mundial will be a limited release in 2013, with only 3,000 total boxes of 20 cigars being produced due to production limitations at Raices Cubanas in Honduras. The cigar will feature a wrapper leaf grown in the Trojes region of Honduras, the same area that the wrapper for the Prensado cigar comes from. Underneath that will be a pair of binder leaves, one from Honduras and one from Nicaragua, and a filler comprised of four filler leaves from Honduras and Nicaragua, with a focus on ligero from the Estelí region of Nicaragua. Mundial is being produced in five sizes, all with pointed feet and the name “Punta Lanza”, which means point of the lance and which Rubin told the magazine is a nod to one of his early mentors.

Sizes range from the smallest at 4 1/4 x 48 and the biggest measuring 7 x 52. Specific prices are scheduled to range of $9.95 to $15.95 per cigar ( actual again may very by state law and taxes ).
Mundial made its debut in July at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailer trade show in Las Vegas. Shipments expected to retailers in October.

Today I am smoking the Mundial #7 which is a 7×52 Perfecto! I have to admit I’ve been really impressed with Alec Bradley over the past year in many of their releases. I’ve been smoking Alec Bradley for years and over which, my pallet has changed and many of the cigars I use to love have just lost their place in my rotation over time. Something I have noticed in the past, Alec Bradley has made a wide array of cigars in various price points allowing anyone on any budget to enjoy the brand in some form or fashion. While that is still the case, I feel that their quality by far has improved, increased in many of their core lines and they are releasing higher end products, not only in construction but in flavor and in design ( appeal ) now that really gives them that edge they have lacked for years while trying to compete in the premium and BOOMING boutique cigar industry.


This is a beautiful cigar! From the Triple cap down to the perfecto foot, it’s smooth, semi rustic with few visible seams and veins, a very elegant band that if you look very closely above the second band it reads, ” Live True “. One minor cosmetic thing iv noticed is the foot is actually a different shade of wrapper, a hint shade lighter ( not sure if this will make any difference, if its aging of the leaf, maybe the roller just ran out of leaf they were using but both samples had the same thing so still not sure ). The cigar smells of cedar, hay, nuts and at the foot a unique smell of moss. Cold draw is pretty bland but has a easy draw so that’s always a positive sign. Firm to the touch, not very heavy and feels really good in the hand.
First Third:
Right upon lighting, smoke output is fantastic! Draw is perfect, but flavor profile is a bit off. At first I get a real bitter flavor with what tastes like stale nuts and aged leather but lingering into the finish, I’m get a really enjoyable coffee flavor with caramel, sweet cream and a hint of baking spice. A very weird change. Retro is very unique as well. Allot of spice at first, not much burn or pepper followed by a very earthy, buttery toast flavor with a long finish! The smoke is very thick and oily. It coats your mouth to say the least. I honestly expected this cigar to be allot stronger than it is but I’d say it’s a medium at best. Burn at about an inch is almost razor sharp. After reaching an inch in, the cigar profile is already changing. Getting some really smooth clean tobacco flavors, no bitterness at all! Very creamy and buttery, again the smoke is very thick and oily, it’s almost chewy. Retro as well has changed drastically, getting the same spice but coated in a nice well balance of pepper, coffee, cream and a hint of sweetness of what tastes like butterscotch. Needless to say, a very unique 1st third!
Second Third:
* Warning!!!! Tip your ash at an inch or wear it. This is not the cigar to have a (My ash is longer than yours contest). The second third is consistent with how the first ended but even smoother. Smoke output is amazing, draw is flawless and burn is close to razor sharp. This cigar has an amazing finish, it just keeps going and going. Very creamy, earthy, a bit of aged leather, hardly noticeable but a hint of saltiness and zing of pepper on the lips. Retro is just flat out amazing! You can push it all through your nose without any burn! Super smooth spice, a nice blend of Sumatra Dark Coffee, a hint of sugar followed by what tastes like fresh dough. Pushing close to the 1/2 way point body is building very nicely, getting great pepper and spice on the tongue and lips, I’m really impressed so far…..
Final Third:
I’ve got to admit, this Mundial is freaking awesome! Flavor transition is remarkable, strength continues to evolve while being in perfect balance with the rest of the cigar, construction is flawless and to top it off, it’s an effortless smoke. Draw and burn are flawless as if this thing was smoking itself. I’m getting allot of coffee in this final third, still a bit of salt, a touch of earth followed by creamy butter again in the finish. Retro continues to produce remarkable Flavors of pepper and spice, but so smooth as it passes through. Very little burn, more tingle than anything. There is without a doubt a hint more ligero in the final third as every draw gives a nice tingle on the back of my throat and all through my mouth. The smoke output is indeed pretty stout! Get it directly in your eyes and you won’t make that mistake again….. Approaching the nub I’m getting some great toffee and carmel flavors mixing with the spice and spirals of saltiness. A very nice combination of flavors to end this cigar.


Total smoke time was 90 minuets.
Like I said at the beginning, its cigars like this that made me once love Alec Bradley Cigars and that are now causing me to return to some past favorites. This cigar is one that anyone can and will appreciate. Its bold enough for heavy full body smokers and smooth enough for the more mild to medium body smokers. The flavors alone to this cigar are great. While the price point to this cigar is higher than normal for AB, I’d say it worth every penny.
Box Worthy? Not sure at this price point I’d buy a box but you would without a doubt want to get a 5er as you’ll some them all with no problem.


Camacho 2013 Blackout Limited

The New Camacho BLACKOUT Limited Edition 2013 utilizes tobaccos combined from 4 different years. This is a cigar that has many years vested into the making and perfection of quality, taste and fermentation. The Wrapper was grown in 2006, Binder from 2009, Fillers from 2003, 2008, 2009. After being rolled and bundled, the rolled cigars were then aged together another 2-years, when the normal marrying process is normally just a few months. The wrapper has fermented differently than that of most others in a process known as “press-fermentation” placing additional weight on the top of the “pilones” (piles where the tobacco ferments), which intensifies the internal temperatures creating a stronger more aged ( vintage ) flavor to the tobacco. The tobacco is also allowed again a longer than usual resting period once packed in bales for additional aging. 2/3 of the leaves that got additional sun’s ripening, boosting the level of sweetness with additional sugars, adding an extraordinary edge to the body and flavor profile of the cigar. The heavy oil noticed on this wrapper is as a result of the plants natural defenses, the plant tries to protect itself by creating more oils to fend off the sun’s glare giving this cigar a silky smooth look to it. Once this process is complete, it has created what is now known as The Blackout. Full Body, Full Flavor and Full of everything you would want an expect from a cigar of this quality and planning! So, if your looking for something truly unique, then here is your chance.


Average Market MSRP: ( depending on local and state taxes and fee’s )

Camacho LE13 Blackout Robusto (5 x 50) — $11.00 (Boxes of 20, $220.00)

Camacho LE13 Blackout Toro (6 x 50) — $11.50 (Boxes of 20, $230.00)

Camacho LE13 Blackout Churchill (7 x 48) — $12.00 (Boxes of 20, $240.00)

Camacho LE13 Blackout Figurado (6 x 54 x 42) — $12.50 (Boxes of 20, $250.00)

Camacho LE13 Blackout Gordo (6 x 60) — $13.00 (Boxes of 20, $260.00)


In the Beginning:

Not so long time ago….. Camacho Cigars was founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho and acquired by the Eiroa family in 1995. Now part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, Camacho Cigars is based out of Danli, Honduras and specializes in authentic handmade Cuban seed cigars.


A New Generation:

Re-Born, Re-Blended and Re-Banded, Camacho Cigars is without a doubt: UNMISTAKABLE. UNAPOLOGETIC. and BOLD AS HELL! Camacho is the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, representing the concept of unleashing unmistakable and intense experiences. Embracing its slogan: Infamous since 1962, the brand has become a sanctuary for the powerful, elemental being who seeks to fill their lives with unapologetic good times. A combination of rich heritage, product excellence and a never surrender attitude has enabled Camacho to grow into an aggressive brand globally recognized as the standard of full-frontal flavor and full-frontal lifestyle. From the beginning, Camacho has stood for intense pleasure unleashed. For more of what cigar lovers love and more of what cigar haters hate. These are full-color, all-American-style cigars that effortlessly deliver full-frontal, all-out flavor. Flavor amped up to heights that old-school cigars have never dared climb. If you’re gonna have a cigar, have a damn cigar. One worthy of a glass of Jack…after shredding the Baja 1000 in 20 hours straight. If you live this large, you’ll find your cigar here! This is the new Camacho Cigars, do you have what it takes?

So lets dig into the review shall we?

The Wrapper: 

Tonight I am smoking the Figurado (6 x 54 x 42). It has a very silky smooth, dark chocolate wrapper with few to no visible seams or veins. The cigar is very tightly packed and in trying to give it any squeeze produced no give. Its very unique because while it feels dry and almost crispy, its also oily to the touch. The cigar itself has a strong musty, almost meaty fragrance to it with a hint of cedar and at the foot hay.


First Third: Right from the first puff, you can taste the power this cigar has, not only in strength by body but in flavor. The draw is a bit tight right now but getting allot of espresso, bitter dry cocoa, cedar, sweet cream and a hint of salted walnuts flavor consuming my pallet. Taking a draw thru retro, this thing shows its power! Tons and tons of pepper and spice. It lingers for awhile with a long finish, but once it stops its very clean. There is no bitterness or harshness to this cigar. Burn is having some issues of its own, but being in the first third and not much rest in its travels, I’m not much concerned. Without a doubt, this cigar has started off as being a full body ( but not overpowering cigar ) and I’m excited to see where it goes in the remaining thirds.


Second Third: Pretty consistent overall in flavor profile as the first third but with an added twist. About 2 inches into the cigar I started to get some semi sweet and tarty flavors of plums and dried cherries. Surprisingly, these really added to the complexity of the cigar because by mixing the sweet with the bitter and spice, it created a very complex and enjoyable smoking experience. The retro as well changed as it packed allot more punch than the first third but mellowed out very quickly leaving a creamy, buttery flavor in your mouth with a long finish. I have to admit, I’m very impressed so far as I imagined this cigar would have allot of similarities to the 2013 Liberty, Triple Maduro or Diploma but this cigar stands alone, it is one of a kind!


Final Third: Sadly, this is where most cigars either really impress or really disappoint you. I’m proud to say, I’m impressed. While there have been some imperfections in this cigar ( both samples ) both the draw and burn have self corrected, the flavors have continued to change leaving this cigar far from one dimensional, the strength has continued to climb without every getting bitter or harsh, the construction is fantastic and all around this beast is smoking like a champ! The retro packs a serious punch. I kid you not, if you want something to clear out your sinuses, this is it! Something that I did notice while getting down to the nub, this cigar does remind me of another….. The Litto Gomez Small Batch #3. Both share some of the same flavor profiles, strength and quality. Of course these are far from the same but both have some similar qualities if you like the Litto.


Conclusion: Total smoking time was 98 minutes. This cigar is a slow burner, but minus a few touch ups, its pretty flawless. I have been smoking Camacho Cigars for years, many previous releases have been and still are some of my favorites but I have to say I love the new blends. I love the new marketing, the re-blending and the re-branding. Many companies have tried the same approach. Some have succeeded and some have failed. I know without a doubt, Camacho made the right move and as long as they continue to produce cigars like this, this is exactly why I have been and will smoke Camacho Cigars for many more years to come. Tonight I enjoyed a beautiful dark roasted Guatemala house blended coffee by Cafe 153 out of Huntsville, AL. The strength of the coffee without a doubt matched that of the cigar creating a perfect marriage. * This is not a cigar you would want to mix with wine, bourbon or scotch. It will pair best with coffee, soda, water or a dark heavy craft beer in order to fully enjoy and extract the flavors this cigar has to offer.

Box Worthy? You bet! But…… Give them a few months to rest and I’m pretty sure these will really evolve into something beyond memorable.