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Brioso Cigar Review

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The Cigar:

Brioso Gigante Natural
Packaged in Bundles of 20

The Wrapper:

Brioso Wrapper

The Brioso Gigante is a 6×60. Today I’m smoking the natural rapper. Aesthetically it’s an average looking stick. I consider it a value priced cigar and don’t expect much more than a basic smoke just based on its pleasant price point.

I consider its look to be well made with the big cap and plenty of room to clip. I got a crisp clean cut with my Xikar multi tool. I create the ignition with a triple torch on the 60 ring foot, it lights beautifully.

The Review:

Brioso Cigar ReviewThe first draw is a bit woody in taste, the burn is even and I’m getting a lot of smoke as I would expect from this large ring gauge cigar.  Each draw delivers smoke that is not overly spicy or very flavorful, just mellow in taste.

After a few inches, the consistent woody taste that showed itself in the first inch carries on straight through the cigar.  The one-dimensional flavor of the Brioso Gigante continues past the halfway point. This perhaps is not a surprise considering I do consider it to be a value smoke. It is a good cigar for the money, but not necessarily a great stick in terms of flavor and complexity.

My original light lasted beautifully and has not needed any touch ups.

Just passed the midway point I got a hint of acidity but it’s quickly vacated. The steady smooth flavor from the beginning carries through to the end, which was about 75 minutes.

All in all the Brioso is a fine smoke, especially for the price. As you may tell from my review I don’t expect much from these value cigars, so the Brioso was a nice surprise.

Rocky Patel Cigar Dinner, May 2008

Our May Cigar Dinner featured 4 Rocky Patel entries varying in price and body. We had Max Bichler on hand from Rocky Patel Cigars to present and speak on the cigars.
We started the evening with two selections from the Edge line, a Lite and a Maduro. The Edge Maduro, made in Nicaragua was a rich and oily as any fine Cuban I’ve ever seen. We moved on to the surprise hit of the evening – the RP Sun Grown. What a stick. Sometimes you just forget how good a cigar is…this is that kind of smoke. Full-bodied, yet balanced. It was a true tobacco lover’s smoke. We finished the night with a Vintage 1990 Robusto, and the crowd on hand couldn’t have been happier.
Our dinner was promoted as a Cinco de Mayo event, complete with a Tequila tasting, no Cuervo here-just the high end Resposado for this group. We also enjoyed Dos Equis beer and Spanish Wine at each table. The Spanish inspired menu featured gazpacho, a personal favorite, figs and chorizo appetizer and a braised short rib for the entrée….all prepared to perfection by the chef at our host restaurant the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY.
I think the video will say a lot about the night, which was staged outdoors on the patio dining area, just a perfect night and it looks in the video that it was enjoyed by all.
Check out our video of the event

For info on our upcoming June 2008 Dinner featuring Don Pepin Garcia Cigars
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