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Discount Pipe Tobacco

Cans & Bags

Bulk Pipe Tobacco 

Bulk Pipe Tobacco from Lane Ltd.

Lane Limited Bulk Tobacco Blends
(American Snuff/Conwood)

From one of the industry leader's in tobacco offers Lane Ltd's most popular blends at excellent Discount Pricing.

Fire-cured Cavendish tobaccos discreetly flavored to produce an extremely mild, slow burning cool smoke.
Available by the 1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

Golden Cavendish blend but with a hint of fire-cured blended in provides a scintillating taste and flavorful aroma.
Available by the 1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

Burley W/O a Bite - Available in 16 oz or 5lb bags.

Blended with just the right proportion of Golden Virginia and Burleys, the basic blend of Toasted Cavendish tobaccos gets better as you smoke it.
Available by the  1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

Aroma, one of the most important aspects of any pipe tobacco, is the paramount consideration in this blend of Golden Cavendish tobacco. Everyone within smelling distance loves it!
Available by the  1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

MV 1000
A blend of the finest matured Golden Virginia tobaccos, enhanced by a subtle aromatic fragrance.
Available by the 1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

Very Cherry
A rich mixture of Traditional Burleys, bright Virginias and Toasted Cavendish laced with a unique "very cherry" flavor for a smooth aromatic smoking experience.

Available by the 1 lb., or 5 lb. (best savings)

Altadis Bulk Pipe Tobacco

A blend of Burley, Virginia and world famous Green River Black Cavendish, expertly blended for the utmost in taste then topped with a secret flavoring recipe to achieve outstanding flavor aroma. Mild, but satisfying.

#12 Cherry
Our Cherry blend is a classic aromatic tobacco. The problem with most cherry mixtures is that they tend to bite if smoked a little too hard. This one is the exception as it is an easy smoke with an incredible room note.

Each puff
tastes like it was just picked from an orchard
Available by the  1 lb. (best savings)

At last, the intriguing tastes of Almond Liquor captured in a mild and mellow blend with no bite.
Available by the 1 lb. (best savings)

B20 Black Cavendish
Black Cavendish is a remarkable tobacco made with Green River Burley which has been fire-cured. The tobacco is then steam sweated for mildness and smoothness and blended with vanilla and other outstanding flavors. Great as a blending tobacco.

B23 Black & Cherry
Toasted Black Cavendish forms the base for this blend with Bright Cavendish and Virginia added to create a very easy smoking tobacco. A subtle and very smooth cherry flavor is applied to the mixture for sweetness and an incredibly enjoyable aroma. Try some Black Cherry to see that cherry blends donít have to bite.

B27 Smooth Black & Gold Cavendish
Smooth Black and Golden Cavendish is a true modern American classic aromatic. Bright Virginia is made into a Cavendish and then combined with a subtly sweet black Cavendish. A smooth and creamy vanilla note is added for outstanding flavor and aroma.

Black Raspberry
Raspberry Burley takes the sweet and intriguing aroma of fresh raspberries and marries it to mild and nutty Burley tobacco to create a smoke that has the terrific smell of summer, yet doesnít dull your taste buds. This is an excellent easy smoking blend.

Buttered Rum
Expertly blended by master blenders of Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley. The Cavendish style blend then topped with a subtle mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rums
Available by the 1 lb. (best savings)

D-40 Vanilla
D-40 Vanilla 16oz - An all time favorite. #1 Grade American AAA Burley, Golden Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos flavored with an exclusive vanilla extract.

1-M Vanilla
A mixture of Virginia and Green River tobaccos topped with a special vanilla flavor.
Available by the  1 lb. (best savings)

Rum & Maple
Our Rum and Maple is a true classic. The ideal mixture of Virginia and Burley is combined with warm, sweet maple and the subtle tones of rum. Together, the combination is inviting, and a great smoke for any time of the day or night.

Z-50 Black Cordial
A new generation of pipe tobacco. A blend of four new and unusual Black fired-cured grades with added highlights of sweet Virginia leaf.

Z92 Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Custard uses a gentle smoking mixture of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish as the basis for one of the most outstanding aromatics available. The vanilla is so sweet and creamy that itís like walking into a bakery while the cupcakes are baking.

Mac Baren's Bulk Blends

Symphony 16 oz
A very harmonious Ready rubbed tobacco of Burley, Virginia and Cavendish. A best seller.


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